Whats a really good film

Whats a really good film

Answer #1

Kill Bill 1 or 2 both brilliant , Lock stocks pretty good or snatch or transporter 1 or 2 or my fave green street

Answer #2


war of the worlds

prince caspian

Indiana Jones movies

DaVinci Code

Lord of the Rings

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Rock

Answer #3

Be Kind Rewind The Panic Room The Persuit of Happiness

..yeahh {{unless you want whats out then idunno}}

Answer #4

titanic wall.e first ones old and second ones new there both great films

Answer #5

the day the earth stood still!

Answer #6

Finding Nemo is a pretty good movie to me :)

Answer #7

I am legend!

prom night!

umm…cinderella! lol

good luck :]]

Answer #8

seen them tho

Answer #9

Pulp Fiction.

Answer #10

The kind that forms on the top of your soup, when you haven’t touched it in awhile.

Answer #11


Spider-man 3

Superman doomday

the hulk

7 pound


let me stop I can go on foreverrr lol

Answer #12

I need a good action and adventure

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