What are good titles of really good romantic/family drama films??

Good family tearjearker/romantic films from late 90’s to today. (British or French)

Hi all, I was just wondering after days of searching that someone may help me in the right direction. I am looking for a reasonably mature, well written/directed romantic.

Ok I already have… Love Actually Undercover Angel and also In America

And in the way of french films… I’ve seen Water Lillies and have got The Page Turner.

Nothing political, nothing old or to do with law. Just a few really nice tearjerker family film and a romantic tearjerker.

Anyone with any good idea’s based around that particular genre would be well appreciated. Many thanks.

Answer #1

Try ‘The Lakehouse’ with sandra bullock and Keanu Reeves is amazing it has a really nice time/fantasy element to it.

If you like have a look at ‘walk to remember’ with Mandy moor thats a tear jerker but thats set in highschool and im not sure is thats what your looking for.

Answer #2

Oh yeah that’s just been released on dvd hasn’t it! lol yeah am just reading the plots now :)

Answer #3

I watched that new sandra bullok film the other day ‘the proposal’

it was brilliant and sandra just gets better with age… her acting that is lol

no it really was a bloody gd romantic film :)

Answer #4

maybe one that’s based in modern world, older stuff is ok but doesn’t over interest me, but thanks for replys

Answer #5

my fave romantic film of all time is the jack nicholson and helen hunt one… ‘as good as it gets’

performances are outstanding… its one of the not to be missed films ;)

Answer #6

Anyone else with any other suggestions??

Answer #7

Thanks I’ll have a look at that…please keep your messages coming :)

Answer #8

The notebook- great romantic movie

Answer #9

the majestic

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