Whats a quick way to make money?

I am a Ex exotic dancer and I dont wanna go back to it but a lot of bills have piled up and I am looking I only stopped working a wk ago so I need quick money..

Answer #1

your never going to make that kind of money that fast with any legal job

Answer #2

things like prostiotution are the only way to make quick money or being involved with other illegal acts or illegal prostitution/stripping, ect and if you get into a hqbbit of doing those illegal acts, youll find that yes, you do get qwuick money, but youll also be living in fear and most often degrading yourself try to limit the things you buy and use to reduce the bills and get a job you dont get money fast, but you work for it and by the end of the week after wortking youll be able to pay some of them off ask around if theres any places looking and ask how much you get an hour waitressing will also get you some money

Answer #3

I dont need to get a lot of money I need to survive the most is best of course but something online would be nice

Answer #4

im not sure of an exact answer, but make sure you do something that your good at, and that you enjoy, it makes working more fun, and its easyier to earn money and do a good job if your good at it.

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