What's a quick way to make money?

okay, so im in some need of cash. im barely 15, not even 15 yet… so i cant get a job for another few months.. i wanna buy a new ipod bc my old one’s screen got broke and someone stole my cell phone adn my mom wont do jack bout it. so i wanna save up for it. i have about 80 bucks so far, but that’s just all christmas money i got today. what’s some easy and quick ways i can make some cash???

Answer #1

Baby Sitting Mowing people’s Lawns Doing odd jobs around the house Watering peoples gardens Dog walking Selling lollies (You can buy cheap homebrand lollies and sell them for double the price, makes a nice profit. But remember, you need money to make money) Lemonade stand! (XD) Busking Ask local stores (not big ones like wal-mart, hollister or whatever, think corner shop, not owned by companys) if you could clean/sweep for small amounts

Etc, Etc. Good luck!

Answer #2

um hello! im 14 years old… i don’t think stripping is too good of an idea!

Answer #3

Pray to your God, He will surely reply you on this issue, thank you.

Answer #4


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