Whats a Gentle Way to help my daughter with a loose tooth?

my daughter has a lose tooth thats kinda on the end of her gum, I think its ready to come out…but im pulling and she keeps screaming so what a gentle way to pull out a tooth?

Answer #1

well I really don’[t have that problem…my daughter will pull hers right out…

but the other day her front one was loose so we tied some dental floss around it and the other end around the door knob…she threw a fit, and while doing so she pushed the door closed and popped the tooth right out

Answer #2

My son had the same problem. I gave him lots of crunchy foods like apples, pretzels, etc. This helped it to come out faster. If you pull it out it will bleed and hurt some then she’ll probably be scared to have any more come out. Have her wiggle it around with her tongue, it will come out when it’s ready.

Good luck

Answer #3

lol..I told my son I would pay him to pull it out himself..Works wonders..lol..now he cant wait for his teeth to get wiggly.

Answer #4

umm I don’t think there is a gentle way to pull out a tooth expect for twisting it.

Answer #5

I don’t realy know. I’m only 12 and I have a loose tooth and it hurts… so I’m just surfing the web and trying to find out. but you might what to use novicane, of anbosel (that numming crap) and put it on her tooth. that’s what I did for my last loose tooth. then have her pull it.. she’ll hardly feel it.. I advise you to tell her do go to the bathrom and look in a mirror over the sink. and you might what to plug the hole in the sink tha twas it dont go down the pipe. and put about a cup or 2 of water in the sink.

Answer #6

K when I was little my mom’s boyfriend Was helping me loose a tooth. So he put some numbing stuff (I don’t know what it is) and when It was completely numb he pulled it and I hardly felt a thing.

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