Whats a bad or good vampire name 4 a guy

Like im write a vampire book so if you got any names well thanksss

Answer #1

like I said in the other question.

it is easier to come up with names once the characters have a story. A good name will reflect the character’s personality, and possibly even give you an insite into their history or future.

For instance take the names of the characters of FF7… Cloud Strife - has a cloudy past, has been through a lot of strife.

Tifa Lockheart - loves cloud, but will never share her heart or her feelings with him. Though she is always his friend and will always be there.

Cid Highwind - he’s a pilot… I mean come on… it totally fits.

A name should fit your character. otherwise your story will seem humdrum.

Answer #2

Razor or Sabre

Answer #3

Valentin Quinn Alexander Roman Damen Morgead Pierce

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