What's this "50 Shades of Grey" hype all about?

Answer #1

I have limited knowledge of this book having only read a few short excerpts in a library, despite this I feel fully qualified to offer my esteemed opinion. It’s a dire piece of poorly written, infantile dreck for women who haven’t been aroused since their wedding night, by an author with the literary skills of a toddler. If you want to read about a man pulling out a womens tampon, before bending her over a sink for a quickie, then it’s probably a work of genius. I myself, can only imagine it would be enjoyed by utter morons.

Answer #2

It’s pretty much a sexual book. I heard about it on Ellen, haha.

Answer #3

Sounds like my kind of read !

Answer #4

Filth in a book, basically xD Apparently it originated from Twilight fan fiction… If you want to read it I’d suggest borrowing it from a friend - don’t waste your money!

Answer #5

In other words: Overrated..

Answer #6

It’s basically a fan fiction made by a lady who was disappointed that the Twilight books lacked sex scenes. I’m not even joking. It’s a super erotic and sexual book about a woman who gets involved with her boss who is into really rough sex… The woman has to sign a contract and everything as a “submissive” and she has to let the guy be the “dominant”…. Very irritating that she does all of this just to keep the guy. Never read the book, but I read summaries of chapters and what not.

Answer #7

I need to start coming back on here more often…

Answer #8

Please do!

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