What wud be a cute outfit to wear when a guy is coming over?

So I bought these cute pantys makes me feel sexy lol but what be a cute outfit not to sexy but not to granny

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uhmm pink skirt sounds nice :) pink would look nice with black I think.. or a white shirt :D

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dude I thought bout that and I almost bought a skirt like like thAt and didnt ugh any other ideas I do have another pink skirt that is short what bout shirts

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How about a cute flower high waist medium skirt not long but NOT to short... I recently got two of those.. and they are perfect for this occasions you want to look cute but kinda sexy at the same time. Let me know if not.. ill think of something else :)

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Im not sure if I added photo before of the cute skirt :) .. so here it goes.. if I did, please ignore this comment.

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