What would you do in this situation?

Okay you wake up and your butt is hurting really bad. but you notice a case filled with 4 million dollars in cash on a table (your table) in the living room (your living room). You also see 2 of the fattest morbidly obese women sitting on the couch but with all that you see just one Large bottle of BBQ sauce left in the fridge. What do you do in this situation??? And How???

-Dont forget your bathroom has a pretty good size mirror in it, Also you have a semi truck in the drive way…

Answer #1

assume that they paid me for sexual pleasure, because im worth 4 million dollars. wash my as* and get the hell out of there. Mabey call a friend on my way out the door and tell him I have a present waiting for him at my place, lol.

Answer #2

Well id get the women all worked up say I have a surprise for them for them to waite in the bathroom or I’d blindfold them, tell them will play sexual twister with some bbq sauce then I would grab the cash, run like buggery out of the house, into the semi truck and drive away with the money.

Answer #3

I would just, like, ask the ladies what they’re doing here. They are not killers (not from what you said) so they wouldn’t hurt me. And then I’d ask them why the hell there’s cash on my table (and I’d ask them if I can keep it!!) Yeah.

Answer #4

I would trick them into the semi with the bbq sauce and drive it into a lake then walk home and grab the cash for my self then go have akward sex with a crack wh*re and go to vegas I think or maybe not I dont know

Answer #5

1st I woke up on my BED in my BEDROOM! so if I wake up with my butt hurting me I would stay in bed til’ it gets better!,lol so I won’t see the money til’ my butt stops hurting, lets say I got hungrey!! lol, I have rice cake under my bed!! lol, when I read a book on my bed I eat it instead of chips! lol, I also have a box of water in my room, cause I drink LOTS of water! lol, so I would still stay in bed! lol

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