What would you do if you had you own Kingdom?

If you had your own kingdom that you ruled and could have anything in it what would you have? Keep it P.G ;) Anything in the world!!

Answer #1

I’d move there and get my own house when I’m 18 :)…oh and a car

Answer #2

I’d send sarcastic letters to other world leaders cordially informing them of their ignorance.

Answer #3

Wait, so if I had my own whole kingdom!!?? Oh, I would have everything in the world! Okay, first I’d have my own huge CASTLE with towers and everything just like in a fairy tale. And inside my castle it will have amazing stuff like a huge aquarium filled with fish/sharks/even dolphins if they could fit. And OH AND MOTE around the castle. Haha and in my castle I would have my own library, arcade, movie theater, and stuff like that. And every day I would have parties that everyone in my kingdom could come to! Also, in my kingdom I would have fun laws like “you have to wear hats on Tuesdays” or “you have to throw skittles at anyone who uses the phrase ‘all of the sudden’” hahaha. In my kingdom I would want it to look cute and quiant like in all the Disney princess movies. Haha. Oh and there would be fountains and beautiful statues of me all over the place, and all the streets name would be really beautiful and cute like “Butterfly Garden Lane” or others like that. I would have A HUGE mall in the center of my kingdom, with every single store ever. Oh, I could go on and on, but that’s mainly what I’d want if I had my own kingdom. Hahah oh and yeah I would want a gingerbread castle too!

Answer #4

Well, for sure I’d have a home theater system with my own popcorn machine. I’d probably crank call other heads of states for fun too.

Answer #5

~I would make all chinese take-out restaurants have drive-thrus :)

Answer #6

A gingerbread CASTLE!!!

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