what women like to wear most jeans or skirts.

I wonder what women like to wear most jeans or skirts because unlike men they have more choices than men unless the man is from scotland but that is another story lol.

Answer #1

I love jeans. I feel uncomfortable in skirts. bleh, I hate them

Answer #2

Jeans. I can be rather conservative at times and I think long skirts are hideous. So I stick with pants and longer shorts.

Answer #3

I like when girls were skirts better but being a guy I duno if im qualified to answer that question:P

Answer #4

I like to wear jeans, they are more practical !

Answer #5

Jeans are way more confy

Answer #6

I like both the same, when its cold jeans and when its hot a skirt.

Answer #7

I loveee skirts!

Answer #8

Well, I never wear skirts xD I perfer skinny jeans. I wear them all the time (they’re the only type of jeans I own :D) and down here in Tx it gets pretty dang hot I’m kind of picky when it comes to clothes I dont wear (I’ve never been seen in) capris,shorts(besides for sports) skirts,dresses, or anything of that nature I perfer skinny jeans,a couple studded accessories,a TON of bracelets and things that cover my arms,dark colors,band shirts,neon colors,and rainbow

hmm…I dont really know why I just described my tastes but whatever xD

Answer #9

jeans.. or shorts

Answer #10

I love skinny jeans and brumuda sorts lol.

Answer #11

I love the wear jeans

Answer #12

Our daughter prefers sweatpants and sweaters, and we allow her to wear it. She hates skirts (and blouses) but when we require her to wear it for special occassions, she has to do it.

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