When do you wear skirts (jean, bandage, mini) or summer dress; what occasions?

Do you wear them casually? or just on special occasions? What can you wear casually? I recently got a whole bunch of skirts and dresses, but I have no idea when I would wear them.

Answer #1

Its a matter of choice and individual fashion sense. i wear skirts in nice weather, winter (with tights\leggings), funerals, weddings and even to the park. You can wear skirts at any occasion\weather\event but i would say it also depends on the style, print, colour and length of the skirt. with dresses you can also wear them anytime. I love wearing A long classy, summery maxi dress and punking it up with big statement black jewelery, leather jackets, and badass biker boots. I wear summer dresses whilst shopping and taking my baby cousin to the park too. Occassionaly i would even wear a sumer dress just for sitting at home on a sunny day. Apropriate ocasions for dresses-weddings, christenings, funerals (avoid summer short dresses at funerals), shopping trips, dates, cinema and whenever thr weather is friendly. You can wear a skirt or dress at anytime, you just need to know how to ste themup coordinaring with weather and event.

Answer #2

It’s really up to you…I honestly wouldnt care what people said or thought…if I was in the mood to wear a summer dress in the winter you could always dress that up just wear heavier panty hose and add a sweater on top or a long sleeve shirt under the dress so your arms covered…pref a black one since it matches any color. As for skirts…same…if your going to go shopping its easier getting a skirt off then a pair of jeans…for parties its a cute piece & if you are having a family gathering or formal dinner…visiting family….all sorts of things like that. Jean skirts are a fun day at the mall. Again, it all depends on the fabrics too…you wont want to wear a mini skirt to the beach or pool…might want to use the wrap around one for the pool or beach(again depending on the fabric) if it is more of a chiffon like skirt or dress.

I say just go with your gut what ever you feel…;P

Answer #3

I love skirts, I wear them al summer long. Esspecially black ones.

Answer #4

I think girls should dress up like a girl, for example: if you will take part in a very occasional party, you should well prepare for it. The girl should buy dress, for such a formal dance, generally everyone will buy a long dress. And want to buy high heels, of course, a big part of reason is to beautiful. As for what you should dress, just have a look (Gotopshop).http://funadvice.com/r/161jlr1mbg9

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