What will be the conservative United States party in the future?

I noticed an interesting inversion in US politics.

The number of self-described conservatives is 40% and growing.

The number of self-described Republicans is 21% and falling.

Will another party replace the Republican party if it continues to loose conservatives? If so will the Libertarian, Taxpayer, Constitution or some other political party become home for US conservatives?

Answer #1

As long as people have an overinflated conception of how important 1 vote is, they will continue to vote ‘for the lesser of 2 evils’, even if there is a third party that’s a perfect fit for them.

It’s only when you realize that your vote really isn’t going to change the results, that you’re willing to ‘go rogue’ with your vote. For that reason, it seems to me likely that the US will continue to be a 2 party system for the foreseeable future in spite of rampant dissatisfaction on both the left and right.

Oh god! If Obama wins…he might act almost just like Bush!!!

Answer #2

I believe it has something to do with the fact that my beloved GOP is no longer what it was. Take McCain for example: Good man, not a doubt in my mind about that- but he’s a very liberal thinking Republican. I vote for people on their platforms and their beliefs, as well as their actions- McCain just didn’t really ‘do it for me’. He was the best of the worst options. There were far better options out there for both parties; it boggles my mind as to why either Obama or McCain made it so far…

I’m not sure that the Republican party will be replaced with another party. I think that it will be re-done internally. Heck, it NEEDS to be re-done. Some of the older guys will die off and the corrupt will eventually get busted, and we’ll get fresh minds in there with traditional values and we’ll be ok. Sarah Palin did a good job of eliminating some of the corrupt behavior that has gone down within our Republican party (now if only the Dems had the morals to do the same…) and that got her shunned by her fellow members of the GOP.

I think people (especially my age group the twenty-somethings, and my parents’ age group, the fifty-somethings) are reverting back to voting off of a belief system and shying away from party loyalty. We (on both parties) have been disappointed by our nominations when we made them strictly by a Republican/Democratic vote- we’re looking for people who represent what we want and need on a more individual basis. I certainly don’t think the Republican party is going away- in fact, I have seen many of my Democratic voting friends, and other non-voting liberal friends ‘come to the dark side’ of Conservatism. :) They’re finding that as they get older and more mature, a lot of the Democratic views just don’t work or make sense. That would be my humble, non-politician, non-college professor, view. :)

Answer #3

In the past, Democrats were strong in the south and Republicans in the north. Now it is a difference between urban and rural.

Obviously nothing lasts forever and I think the country will outlast both parties. My own gut feeling is that many disgruntled Republicans are Libertarian at heart, so maybe that could be the replacement. Some say the two party system has an advantage because someone is in charge. I’d like to see an independent party arise and force coalitions. A couple of independent Senators are in this situation now.

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