What UK size is a US size 2?

I’ve seen a top on e-bay and its a US size 2, what size is that in UK size because it sounds really small lols. I’m usually a size 8 so would it fit???

Thank You :)

Answer #1

It would be around a 6-8, but it depends on the store.. if you really like it, and it isnt that expensive then try it! If not..then I wouldn’t risk it x

Answer #2

as far as I know US size is 1.5 shoe sizes bigger then UK sizes. I.e. if you wear a UK size 8, you should be wearing a US size 9.5

Here’s a converter for you. http://www.cntraveller.com/Toolkit/shoe_sizes.asp

Answer #3

Uhmm you probably won’t be able to fit in it.

As far as I know for american clothing it’s the UK size -2… =\

Answer #4

I was talking about a top - a t shirt lol thanks anyways :0

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