What you think about this Miley Cyrus thing?

Okay, you heard about Miley Cyrus’s racy photos, how it all over the internet or something like that. Do you think she meant this to happen, and what do you think about it?

Answer #1

I think that it was wrong and everyone makes mistakes so there is no use in getting mad for something that we cannot take back. It is her who looks bad not us so let her get the blame and move on.

Answer #2

I know that. I still think that she shouldnt have did those pics. If they were secret, she should had kept in secret!

Answer #3

lol she’s fater thn me in that pic and looks like she had a narly hangover lol! But seriously I think she is a tramp like any other girl who does this I have never even thought of this and I have a way better figure!

Answer #4

haha. it was not selena and demi that threw out those photos. ha! I actually got a kick out of that one. it was funny (:

Answer #5

I think that every young teenager wants to experience some sort of self sexuality… I don’t think there is anything wrong with her taking those kinds of photos but…to post them for everyone to see is a different story.

Answer #6

those photos were not posted or givin away by her they were strictly for nick jonas

Answer #7

no, it wasnt I heard that tho

Answer #8

she did not give them away, someone did I know who tho it was selena gomez abd demi lavato or, so I heard

Answer #9

I see photos like this all the time on Myspace and Facebook. People just make a big deal about it because she’s famous. She’s no different than most other girls.

Answer #10

I agree with burningintherain all the way. It can’t get any better than that!

Answer #11


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Answer #13

I think she knew if she took these photos they woud somehow be broken out for the world to c. but id think they were meant for nick jonas. people just say that because they were together and people ahve sick minds

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