Do you think miley cyrus is growing up too fast?

Do you think miley cyrus is growing up to fast? Do you like her?

Answer #1

Yes because Miley is always acting nasty and posing nude and disturning photos and my opinion she needs to get fired from Disney Channel and there should no longer be a show called Hannah Montana.

Answer #2

Why are people soo obsessed? I don’t like her everytime she opens her mouth she reminds me of a red neck lol it’s like her tounge trips over her teeth lol

Answer #3

not really, she is growing like any other girl is, not fast. the difference is she is in the public eye 90% of the time, but yeah everyone should get over it

Answer #4

I really dont like her I already asked if people liked her, see it on my profile :)

Answer #5

yea she is well thats what I think what bout you

Answer #6

no not really, why do you?

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