What turns on a passive, shy, won't make the first move guy?

My boyfriend is super passive, shy, and quiet. He’s so mysterious I never know what he wants or what he’s thinking. When I ask him “What do you like?”he usually says “I don’t know”. He never initiates sex, he doesn’t initiate foreplay either and doesn’t seem to enjoy it much, and when we do have sex, it’s basically one of us saying “Wanna do it?” and then we do it…but even that’s very rare. So I’m wondering… if there a certain way to turn on a guy of this nature? Someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with girls, is very passive and quiet, withdrawn, shy… you get the picture…?

Answer #1

I think you are focusing TOO much on sex. I could see if the guy never had a girlfriend before, but he had a 4 yr relationship prior to you. So how can you say hes shy? You want him to be something hes not. Why dont you ask his ex how he was in bed…you might find he was the exact same way.

Answer #2

maybe he’s gay

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