What to I do to burn ab fat (13 years old)?

Okay, im 14 years old and have always had a little chub, I need to find a way to burn fat, mainly in my core. I dont have the best diet, but I have read some things online and am changing that the best I can. If anyone can give me some advice, or tell me what they have done let me know. I weigh like…160…only 20ish pounds overweight in my eyes. Anyway, if you need more details just ask…thanks

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I can bust out like 80 curl ups, and like 15 push ups, and I run a 8:30-9 mile, but I mean I need a schedule, assuming that I base my work our around schol (6 am- 2:22 pm) what should it look like?

Answer #2

umm…like I said I wigh 160-165 and I and average height…maybe a SMIDGE taller…inch maybe…haha I’ve never messured myself really

Answer #3

You could try with your diet change, maybe joining a sports team? Or exercising on your own. Track is a great sport to lose weight in.

Answer #4

How much do you weigh and how tall are you

Answer #5

ok, well exercise for one, and of course diet! I won’t be the best person to help as I’m naturally under weight and I can’t help it, I’d love to be in a position where I can gain weight, but my metabolism is too fast! also, eating your food slower will help slow down your metabolism but you need dedication, my friend is on and off diets all the time, one thing that worked amazingly on her was qiuting chocolate for 3 months, she looked amazing, but she went on holiday and ate more, so she slowly gained the weight good luck hunni :) x x x x x x

Answer #6

If you want to lose weight you have to seirously commit yourself to it and to do that you must excercise and take PE as searious as you can work until you can get under a 7 min mile also before sleep you should do ten push ups and sit ups and increase the number by ten when it gets to easy. And Stretch of you don’t you’ll over extend muscles and that worse than taking a couple min stretching I would know.

Answer #7

Run and do crunches. Any aerobic activity helps your core.

Answer #8

First things first, you will have to commit to a diet and exercise. Some core conditioning exercise include

  1. the Plank (a stationary push up where you’re on your forearms and toes, keeping your body straight and engaging your abs by contracting. Do this for a minute at a time) and Side Plank (same as the plank only you’re on one side. This engages your obliques);
  2. sit ups and crunches. These are effective in building muscle around your core, BUT you will not see results unless you do cardio as well.
  3. Push ups: Always keep your back straight, and remember that different push ups target different muscles. Remember to keep your core engaged. Personally, I try to stretch in the morning and at night and keep moving throughout the day.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remember to work all aspects of abs: lower abs, upper abs, right obliques and left obliques. But most of all remember you CAN NOT spot train.

As for diet, if you’re trying to lose weight, try splitting your 2000 (or however many calories your body NEEDS. A good formula is the Basal Energy Expenditure. BEE=665+9.6W+1.7H-4.7A.
(Where W is weight in kg, H is height in cm, and A=age.)
1 kilogram = 2.20462262 pounds 1 inch = 2.54 inches If you want to lose weight, take that number and subtract 500. That number is your goal caloric intake. Try to have a balanced diet, but whatever you do, do NOT forbid items. Just simply limit.

Answer #9

Depending on your height I don’t think your over weight. Im 5’4 and weight 120 lbs and pee tell me my weight is fine, but idk I still feel fat lol so I’m working on not diet but just eating healthier and I already do track so I’m jogging on top of track as much as I can along with 25 crunches before my shower and 16 pushups to start with until I can do more Hehe

Answer #10

haha i meant to say people not pee i was on my ipod and it corrected me. thanks for the like!

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