How can a 13 year old girl get abs fast?

im a 13 yr old and I really want to tone my abdomen how can I do that fast??? I do sit ups but those arent really working

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lol abc's

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well you should get a exercise ball I have developing abs I usually do them at night before I take a shower and go to bed.

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search in youtube videos of workouts. watch this worked for me

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I think you mean abc's

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Seli, partially right, unless your like me (13 years old) where my family line as just a thing all have big calves. I have a 4 pack of abs and my 1 calf is bigger than both of my arms combined. Try doing lots of pull-ups and sit-ups as an answer haha. Running works too but its a little more for larger people, not skinny people trying to get skinnier.

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\To reduce belly fat, good excersises are running/jogging, jumping rope, and jumping jacks. These are cardiovascular/aerobic exercises. Other cardiovascular/aerobic exercises are swimming, hiking, and step-climbing. Do these and you'll have no belly fat in no time. If you think you can remove fat in a target area like the stomach, you are wrong. Think about it…have you ever seen someone with extremely fat legs but six-pack abs or the other way around. You have to train your body as a whole.

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