What to get harry potter loving friend?

Doing secret santa for xmas only going up to £15 though. my friend is in love with anything harry potter and also twilight based. not sure what to get? shes 16 Im from england and £15 is $24.38

any advice?

Answer #1

for harry potter, go to noblecollection.com I dont know what would be in your budget, but they have really cool harry potter items!

Answer #2

Have a look on Ebay, they do some really nice things on there to do with Harry Potter and Twilight, things that you can’t always get over here.

Answer #3

A Team Edward or Team Jacob Tshirt from Hot Topic would be nice.

Answer #4

maybe soemone diy theres lots of twillight and harry potter diy necklaces, bracelets, badges, ect on ebay

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