What to get a girl for x-mas dating girl for week?

I’ve only been dating for a week. I haven’t kissed her yet. She’s pretty. I don’t know what she likes

Answer #1

For a week , I would just want flowers to show that you remembered we were something, but to know that your no too seriouse too fast .

Answer #2

you should go ahead and get her jewelry. contrary to what guys believe girls dont always want chocolate but jewelry will last longer. so something in hearts will work but nothing cheesy

Answer #3

It’s only been a week, you probably dont want to head straight to the jewelry. You’re probably going to have to stick to something generic like chocolates or something until you get to know her better.

Answer #4

Some type of jewlary :)

Answer #5

Heart Shaped Necklace?

Answer #6

Maybe jewlery.

Or you could get her cocolates and buy a basket and voiala! chocolate christmas basket :)

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