What do guys want for x-mas?

we have been dating for like a year and a half and I have no clue what to get or give him… advice???

Answer #1

I’m adding gadgets to the list. But then find reviews or something so you don’t pick a lousy one.

Answer #2

A gift card or card and money. Mabie do something romantic and specail together to?

Answer #3

=] I’d just ask. But I know guys always like a make -out session aha.

Answer #4

haha so true…

Answer #5

you could always get him a gift card, or suss out what he likes. His bedroom says a lot about him. I once took my boyfriend to the mall and said happy birthday,what would you like. But knowing guys they want something else.

Answer #6

you know what I really appreciate. when my girl gets me some kinda scent, cologne etc, that she likes. I dont think I’ve ever had to buy it for myself. its a win win thing. I smell good, and she digs it. just an idea thou. stay away from gift cards, too impersonal. start asking now, that way its not a dead giveaway. and yes guys always want something else, so do girls thou.. lol.

Answer #7

What is with you girls that you have to stress out about every little thing, just tell him your budget and ask him what he would like.

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