What to do with my boyfriend's hard on?!

What do I do with my boyfriend's hard-on/boner?
I want to give him a hand job and I have never given one before!

I have a general idea of what to do but don't know how I'm going to handle his dick, like I've felt it through his pants already and it's like a snake made of rock! lol

I just don't know how I'm going to massage that!

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OK, here ya go...

How to masturbate a guy in 6 easy steps. Let us know if this works:

1) Rub lubricant or lotion onto his penis before you begin to masturbate him. If your man is circumcised, lubrication is absolutely necessary or you could rub his penis raw. Uncircumcised men also enjoy lubrication being used because it heightens their sexual pleasure.

2) Make a fist around the base of his penis. Be careful not to squeeze too hard or he will lose his erection.

3) Move your hand slowly up and down his penis. Ask your partner to let you know when he is getting close to orgasm so you can rub his penis faster.

4) Communicate with your partner and ask him what feels good to him. Some men enjoy having their testicles rubbed and others like to apply pressure to their perineum (the area between the scrotum and the anus) when they are close to orgasm.

5) Help him orgasm by increasing the pace and pressure of your rubbing when he lets you know he is close to orgasm.

6) Clean up his semen using a clean rag or tissue. If you desire you can lick his semen off of him; many men find it very arousing.

Tips & Warnings

If you stop rubbing when he gets close and give him a chance to relax before you start rubbing again, you can induce a more intense orgasm.

Don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Masturbating your partner is supposed to be enjoyable for both of you.

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'kiasu' ,thanks a million for the info but I need to know how to give my boyfriend a hand job while he's wearing pants because we don't really get privacy!:(

We'll probably have to be lying side by side on the bed though so I can shove my hands down his pants easily right?!.
Any other easier positions like when we're sitting down or standing up?
I know I'll have to undo his zipper but what else would help and make it easier?!

how to make my boyfriend stay hard

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