Why is it hard for my boyfriend to hit "the spot" again?

so one day, my boyfriend fingered me and it was really good. like he made me moan and
stuff for a while. and other times, it works, but only for a few minutes. and sometimes,
like no matter how long he does it for, it seems like nothing happens. why!?

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well. mabe. but just keep trying or talk to him about your problem...

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he may not be bendin his finger the way he did before. when he does it, have him bend his 2 fingers just a little then go deep.

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see that's the thing, it hurts when he goes deep. I don't know, maybe because I'm still a virgin.
or I'm like a half virgin, if that makes sense. we tried having sex last week, but he said I was "tight" so we had trouble at first. I don't know why, I was really wet.

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