What to do when being goth dissapoints my father?

Okie, I have really been wanting to change my look for a while now so my mom took me shopping. I got things “I” liked and my mom was okay with it. (These things include skinny jeans, studded belt, lots of black t-shirts, darker make-up ect.). Well I was happy then I went home. I went to my room and I put on a pair of black skinny jeans with a bunch of holes in it (not the slutish kind), a black tee with a foresty backround and a moon, a black ring, studded bracelet and my new necklece. I went into the living room to show my mom but when I said, “What do you think?” my father gave me a look that looked very sad or dissapointed and said,”Well it’s going to take a little getting used to.” I looked down and he said, “Arent those a little tight?” I said, “No not really and there werent any other kinds at the store (which was the totall truth). He just continued to look at me and I went back into my room were I am currently writing this. BTW: I am 13. Does my dad think I am looking sluty or is it he thinks Im making bad dissions or he simply doesnt want me to be looking like a, ‘punk’. Please help.

Answer #1

I know how you feel. I think your dad is just realizing that his little girl is growing up. :)

Answer #2

My dad is the same way. He is realizing that you are making desitions of your own and that you are finding your own way’s and look.

It could also be that he is worried that Because of the “goth” look that you know he might worried you are getting a little depresse and all. That you are becoming to the dark side. He probobly has seeb all that on t.v like thay show it all the time.

So just say to him that you like your look and that to tell you why he dosen’t like it, tell hm there is nothing wrong whit it is just that your a little older now and are just being different!


Answer #3

personally I think he doesnt want his little girl to go goth. also he is proably worried because most people who where that style get picked on a lot in school. plus all dads hate where there kids where jeans with holes in them. you could get a couple of shirts that are different colors than black. or no where so much black at the same time. plus if that store didnt have anything else then go to a different one

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