What to do when a roommate is disrepecting your belongings?

Ok so I’m a freshman in college and I live with two other roommates, with three weeks remaining in the semester. We pretty much have nothing in common but I do try to make conversations with them. One of the roommates I have gotten to get along with more than the other. I sleep above her. But earlier last week she has gotten a little bit snappy at me for no apparent reason. Then just two days ago I found out that she was leaving stains on my bedsheets, comforter and also my mattress pad. I’m not making any of this stuff up nor am I hallucinating. I have a way of knowing things and people’s intentions and wrong doing. But these “stains” appear to look like “boggers” or “mucus” and it’s disgusting. And I have found the same thing on my desk drawers as well. The thing is it is disgusting and I’m not about to get sick from any of the things that she is putting on my property. I’ve told my RA’s and even asked for some tips to confront her about it in an non-agressive way. But I feel like my anger is going to get the best of me while I am talking to her about it. How can I handle this? Your suggestions is kindly appreciated :-)

Answer #1

Tell her straight up that she’s not being respectful..or just try to hide your things from her

Answer #2

sleep over at another friends…exam time, have study group sleepovers. Are you sure its her? You have to be really nasty and dirty to do something like that in your own room and to another person. Something is mentally wrong with her. Make sure you hide your toothbrush and nice clothes.

Answer #3

I’m postive but I came to find out it wasn’t her. I didn’t ask my other roomate since she sleeps on the other side of the room. And I thought the girl right underneath me would do that. Sometimes she would have people sit on her bed unless it could be them!

Answer #4

thank you you guys! :D I don’t like to feel walked all over on. And I think this has gotten WAY too far!!!

Answer #5

You have aright to be mad about this, so I think that if you snap it would not be a problem because you have to find out what is going on.

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