What to do when a creepy guy wont leave you alone???

This guy from my old school and I ran into eachother and he first started out by saying I got really pretty like over and over which was sweet. But then he hugged me and unhooked my bra through my shirt at the same time on purpose, after not seeing eachother for like a year. Then he asked why I never invite him over so I said cause theres nothing to do at my house, then he said, dont you have a bed but like in such a creepy way? Now he keeps calling me and texing me but im not interested. And like hes popular at his school and all and kind of hot but its still creepy and im interested in someone else. What should I do?

Answer #1

Tell him that your not interested and to back off. If he keeps bugging you then don’t be afraid to get the police involved. Things like this start out small but it is possible to get really dangerous.

Answer #2

ignore him completely and make up excuses when you have to see/talk to him. just pretend you lost your phone and if he facebooks you/txts you be really one worded and annoying. like yep ok cool etc. just send one worded replies and he will get sick of it.

say you have been really busy atm etc. eventually he will get bored because he can never talk to you because you are either not there or sending one word replies.

if you get what I mean?

Answer #3

Do what my girl did and get your boy to tell him to back off if he’s got the guts that worked for her and if he likes you enough that way you kill two birds with one stone.you get rid of one and find out if the other realy likes you.There is a difference in flurting and being pushy you should of hit him in the you know what.Good luck

Answer #4

Well, if this guy continues to bother you by phone, etc. get the police involved, your parents, and you could also try changing your phone number. Try to tell him that you’re not interested and tell him to stop bothering you.

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