Should I leave alone this guy who's taken?

I was dating this guy who had a girlfriend. They have been together 4 years. They got married last month but he still calls me and sleeps with and be with me all the time. I let him answer the phone when she calls. He is with me m-f 6pm-12am then he goes home. Should I just leave him alone?

Answer #1

What goes around comes around, remember that. You attract what you are.If you are a lying cheater, you will attract a lying cheater. Then one day, you’ll be the wife with a husband gone all night in the arms of another woman. Water seeks it’s own level. Be the change you want to see.

Answer #2

You will never be anything more to him than his mistress!

Answer #3

yea, you should let him go becuz you are gonna want to get someone for you and he will still be there and he married. you can do better

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