what to do I am a 40 years old guy in love please advice me?

I am a 40 years old guy madly in love with a 24 years old girl. I am married she is single. I dont know what to do should I go ahead and love her or what? Please advice

Answer #1

are you still in love with your wife? Is that relationship just hit a rut? Or really have you fallen at of love with your wife? If you have fallen out of love with your wife then maybe you should really think about leaving. Even if you have kids, because especially if there are kids it is so stressful for them to see there parents not happy it sets a bad example for their future because yours is the relationship they base theirs on. If you don’t have kids you should think about yours, your wifes and this new persons happiness. Being honest with your wife makes her free to move on and be happy herself and then you can be happy with this new person. Make sure you know your own mind and this other persons mind before making this decision tho. Its a big choice and could be a big mistake, make sure that you are completly out of love with your wife before you do that. Its not fair to either party if you are not happy with them because then you cannot truely make them happy.

Answer #2

Before you continue your relationship with the other woman you need to end the one you’re in now. It’s not fair to you wife for you to cheat on her. Be a man and finish what you started with your wife. There are all kinds of reasons men and women use when cheating on their spouse but the main thing they have in common is that they are completely selfish. They only think of their own pleasure and feelings…step back and look at what you’re doing. Think about the other people involved…are your actions hurting them? Will your actions change their life? You need to think about someone besides yourself…the relationship you have with your wife is not just about you, you need to think about her also.

Answer #3

have you got kids???

if you do tink about them what would their friend do or say when they find out that you are with a 24 year old? they wll have a bad reputation..

if you dont ave kids.. how bout your wife.. why dont you love her anymore? you have promised her that you will love her for the rest of your life, you will be with her for good and bad sicknes and wealthy but now your breaking your promise. this 24 year old is still young and trust me shes wanting company not love… your 16 years older than her.. it doesnt sound right no effence stick to your wife because she truly loves you

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