does he love me or not 2 years and I still dont know please help

well their is this boy and I dont know if he loves me or not he asked me out and breaks up with me and keeps doin that but I love him a lot so I keep saying yea when me and him are going out he treats me speacial and I like that but than when he breaks up with me I just cry cry cry and than me and him been on and off for 2 years and I still love him and we are going out again but he has went with some of my best friends and that hurts a lot but he did fight over me when ever another guy would mess with me and I didnt like that but I dont know does he love me or not ??? help !!!

Answer #1

You are ONLY 13 years old. Love going with someone, breaking up, going back with them, & etc. This guy does NOT have a clue what love is. The only thing you are to him, is a doormat! He can come in & out of your life, and your there waiting with open arms. Sorry, but you wont get any respect by letting him walk all over you.

Answer #2

He is confused..and you shouldnt keep going out him over again give him some time to no what he missed make him begg if he really likes you.. and if he dont there you go you have your anwser..Have confidence in your self :0

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