What to tell him when I'm not allowed to date?

ok so there is this guy who I really like and his best friend who is on of my most closest friends told me how this tuesday he is gooing to ask me out but the thing is I am not allowed to date how do you think that I should tell him because it would be sooo embarassing to tell him that I can t date and I cannot tell him I have plans on everyday that he wants to go out with me because then if I keep on telling him I have plans cause he might think that I am not interested.what to do>?

Answer #1

Ok, so I’m a little confused here… you said you cannot date, but you are interested in dating him? Ok, well the only thing I can advise is that you just let him know the truth, tell him you have feelings for him, but you just arenot allowed to do, if your parents mean that much to you.. you will not betray them.. good luck, funmail with any questions. :]

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