What to buy for my girl friend for her 22nd bday?

Okay, I have been dating this girl for more than 3 months and it seems like, we are in a serious relationship. I love her a lot! And I want to buy her a present that will show my personality, love and affection for her! She is out of station now but will be back a day before her bday and I have 7 days to think for this surprise present or something…

I do not want to go into those cliches dinner and flowers ideas… Although she knows I spend too much for her. So considering I am just a student, she already asked me not to spend anything on her bday… But I still want to do something, because I care about her.. So if you have something which will surely make her wanna share some happy tears with me.. Please help me out! Any suggestion will do…

Thanks a lot for the help!

Sincere regards,

Answer #1

Yeahh, you should get some jewellery or something that signifies something special between you two. Or even a perfume. Hope she likes whatever you got her! :)

Answer #2

a necklace or bracelet with engraving on it with something shared between you two on it. I wouldnt get her a ring because thats a bit too ‘proposaly’ lol. but a plain silver bracelet engraved would be really nice and she would appreciate it a lot. it would be something she could wear everyday and think of you. and it would last forever.

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