What should you buy a for your girl friend for the valentines day?

I am really bored to think about classicall presents to buy for my girl friend. What presents makes girls astonished or makes happy? Give me some advises please

Answer #1

dimonds are a girls best friend :)!!! EVERY KISS BEGINS WITH KAY, sorry temptation lol but if ya cant afford that, mby cloths or somthing from the heart, I love stuff like that :)

but you SHOULD know you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend

Answer #2

Box of heart chocalte and a card

Answer #3

It really depends on the girl…we’re all different in our needs and desires.

For example, I prefer gifts that I can utilize - appliances, clothing, even grocery store gift cards.

However, my sister is more the romantic type and prefers chocolates and roses - the traditional Valentine.

The best thing to do is to actually listen to her when she speaks…women are great at tossing out hints about what they like…unfortunately, not too many guys know how to listen to the clues.

Answer #4

you should just take her out for a dinner and a movie

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