What things can I do to lose weight FAST!?

Spring Break is coming up REALLY soon but I would really like to try and get into shape ASAP so that I can look good on the beach(: I really would like to thin down my stomach and legs, while also losing at least 15-20 pounds. Im 126 right now even tho people say I dont look like it, I would like to be at least 110. What are some ways that I can loose weight and shape up quick?! Im open to just about any idea. Im extremely lazy so I dont like a lot of heavy duty work but if its worth it, ill try.

Answer #1

Instead of losing weight maybe you should go to the gym and get a nice toned body it’s better than looking like a stick on the beach

Answer #2

fior your age assuming you didnt lie on your profile and really are born in 1985 being 110 would basically make you look anorexic you do NOT need to loose any weight especially not that much

also weight loss does NOT happen fast it happens GRADUALLY and it can take months to loose weight and see results not hours, not days, not weeks…MONTHS healthy eating and regular exercise is the only right way to loose weight anything else will either damage your health make you gain all the weight back and then some or do both and first you need to see a doctor and get your bmi (body mass index) calculated for your height and age he/she will tell you what weight range your in and how much you need to loose/gain if your not in the healthy weight range see a doctor first because I really doubt you need to loose any weight you might even be unhelathy and need to gain some

Answer #3

ther are not any short cut 2 loose wt since you had gained that much in this early age so if you try and visit docter then you must follow their diets and routines for whole life 2 stay fit. so its very difficult way ahead . look aren’t I totally fit and its result of avoiding the fast foods and baanced diet. the only way is to eat less and toilet more.

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