What the heck is wrong with my dad?

Why the hll does he treat me like a freakin welcome mat? Why does he walk all over me like im not important? Does he think I have no feelings?! This is really hate him. I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to live with him anymore. He’s such an sshole!!! I really don’t know how to deal with this anymore? I can even talk to him anymore. I can’t even look at him. Help?

Answer #1

ok. Well what is he doing to you. “he is walking all over me” In what way? Sometimes it can be because he’s not letting you do something you want. I guess you could talk to him about how you think he is treating you. Meaby to someone else in the family about how you are feeling?

Answer #2

YOu really need to just sit him down and talk to him, dont yell cause he’ll go into defence mode. Just sit and really have a heart to heart conversation. I went through this with my dad at a point so I do understand it’s hard to sit and talk civally but you really need to do it.

Answer #3

LOL He is a FRUIT! If he is that bad then have you contacted the whats it called… child help services thingy? WOW Living with him must have been a total @$$pocalypse!

Answer #4

he is coocoo for cocoa puffs

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