What the eff is his problem?

Im mad as fu* ! So.. My ex boyfriend and me broke up.. But after we broke up I told him that ii still loved him and watnot ! Well he said that he loved me 2 and that the only reason that he broke up with me was bc he thought he rushed into thingss with me and thought somethingg was missing.. So we said we would be friends and build up our relationship before we really got backk 2gether ! But even tho we werent really 2getther thats what it felt like ! But now… He just told me yesterdayy that we would never get back 2getherr bc he still didnt find the thingg missing wit us ! Well I’m fine wit thatt ! But hes not ! His dumbss “broke up” with me and now hes actingg all sad and watnot !

So what does that mean ?? Doess he still love me ?? Is he just trying 2 get attention ?? Wtf !

So 2dayy in school… He wouldnt look at me.. He wouldnt talk 2 me.. Or anythingg ! So ii kinda ignoredd him bc ii should be the sadd one and wateva ! But ii dont really care bc.. Well ii have my reasonss !

But what does all that mean ?? Or is he just beingg stupidd ? ^^ thanxx ! Plzz help ! snifflesniffle

Answer #1

Maybe he’s confused? It’s not just girl who need time to think about things.

I think you should give hi ma little space. And even though he’s the one who broke up with you he can still be sad. Just give him a little space and ask him what he really wants, tell him you don’t like being kept in limbo not knowing how thing’s will turn out.

And maybe he’s just not feeling that click or that ‘spark’ or what not. Don’t be mad at him.

Answer #2

He’s confused and if you think about it, looking at the one who confuses you and makes you sad doesn’t help. In due time he’ll be acting as usual. He just needs to figure what he wants.

Answer #3

I think he just needed time to think about you and him and I also think he might still like you and he just dont no what to do with him self at the time because guys do think about their ex a lot of the time

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