What the best concealer to cover up scares on the face?

Hi im looking for a real good concealer to cover up marks on my face. Any ideas?

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There's a foundation called BOOTS. Well it's not really foundation, its mousse.. but lemme tell you that mousse works way better than foundation. Just go to your local target store and go to the makeup section.. theres a stand where it has BOOTS products, and just look for Intellegence Mousse Foundation. It works really good!

Hope this helped even though you were looking for concealer :)

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Mirabella Mineral press makeup works great , it is pricey though ! ( :

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I use F.Y.I from the avon younge collection. I relly like it. It is called Tinted Mosturizer but it works just like primer or foundation. I am clumsy anf get marks on my face all the time. This product works great. Hope it works =D

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I don't know if they have this in the UK but I use a Loreal mineral concealer. It works very good for me and it's better for your skin too

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thats great can I get that from the Uk. as that is where I am from

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there is a really good cover up at sally's beauty supply , & they have some really good conceler there to.

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There is something called conceal RX that you can find at your local rite aid or Walmart. It's a little expensive (about eight to none dollars for a small tube) but it is very good at concealing scars, pimples, and under eye circles for twelve hours. I hope this helps you :)

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Erase Paste by Benefit! It makes everything invisible!

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