What is a good kind of concealer,bronzer and cover up?

Hey Guys,
So right now the cover up I use is Cover Girl TruBlend with blendable minerals and I use a concealer called maybelline instant age rewind concealer, I dont use any kind of a bronzer. What kind of products would you recommend?

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For concealer I use Sheer Cover, which makes your skin look bare and flawless. It can also help clear up your skin, if you have mild acne. For cover up I use Mary Kay because it works wonders when you're trying to cover up any pimples or blemishes you might have. As for bronzer, I wouldn't reccommend using any. It makes your face look way too dark to match your body, and quite honestly it looks fake. If you absolutely have to use some, though, go with something from Sheer Cover and only put on a very, very, very small amount so you don't end up looking like a carrot.

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Physician's Formula..

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I use bare minerals. It works very well for me and I don't break out when I use it like I do with other products.

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