What side of the street should a pedestrian walk on?

What side of the street should pedestrians walk on? im going to walk on the high way to my friends house. And do I walk towards oncoming traffic or with my back towards oncoming traffic?

Answer #1

walk on the left. my dad is a fireman, and he has been 2 accidents where people dont walk on the left!!!

                         if you r on the left, look:

                  L=left side
                  R=right side...

                   L                                         R


they drive on the other side, so they cant hit u. but if a car comes tward u, you can see it before you get hit. if you were on the right, then if a car came up behind u, you wouldnt see it. k???

Answer #2

You are supposed to walk against the traffic, facing the cars. Which is always on the left side of the road.

Strangely, you’re supposed to bike with the traffic, which I never understood but I’m sure there’s a reason.

Answer #3

Definitely, on the left side of the road, facing the traffic that is on the same side of the road that you are on. Of course, if there’s a sidewalk that’s the correct answer.

traffic cop

Answer #4

im not completely sure

you can look it up on google though.

my advice is to walk on the feeder … avoid the high way

but thats just my advice good luck :)

Answer #5

Right side of the road…so that you are able see the vehicles coming towards you and move accordingly.

Follow traffic rules and be SAFE


Answer #6

run around in the middle of the road!

Answer #7

on the opposite side that the cars are going so you can see how close the cars are to you

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