What...should i let my boyfriend finger me?

my boyfriend is 15 and im 13 and he wants to finger me...he loves me and I love him but im afraid of what he'll think of my body if he does

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If you arn't comfortable then don't do it! You will know when it is the right time. When I got fingered for the first time we were in his house know one was there and we were laying in bed makeing out and he slowly took off my bra an took off my pants/underwear. He slowly rubbed my vagina and just stuck his finger in my vagina. It felt amzing!!! I moanded a little but it was in a sexy way! (By the way I am 15)

Just do what ever you think you should do! (it feels amazing though) Also if you are self-consious about it he won't care if he really loves you!

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yes it feels really good when guys finger you then fingering sometimes leads to sex and sex is awesome so let him finger you it feels awesome especially when you start to cum on his fingers most guys like it btw I am 13 to

Should I let my boyfriend finger me?
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Darling you are only 13 and have your whole life ahead of you but I am not saying dont do it because being a teen you will do it anyway just take your time and enjoy it and do things as and when you feel comfortable with it dont be pressured into it and when you do decide to have sex etc please use precautions and make sure the boy is clean and not crrying anything he can pass on to you.If he really loves you he wont be offended if you ask and want assurance as he should also want what is good for you good luck be safe.

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will people stop saying he don't love her!
you lot don't know who he is, you don't know what he's like only she does.
you all say it like you've never been in love before.
just go with your instinks darlin', im sure he loves you :)
and whatever your answer is im sure he'll respect it :)

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he dont love you

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sweetie.. don't be so conscious! your body is just fine.. and besides if you want to do it then GO. there is nothing wrong with that. just tell your man to clean his hands and cut his nails. and remember to enjoy and just have fun! thats the most important thing!:)

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Only if your comfortable with him and the idea of him touching your body.

*** he loves me and I love him ***

If he loves you then he probably loves everything about you, no need to be disappointed in what you have and try to change it. After all this is you, and he loves you for being you :)

Now if you are going through with this idea, then make sure his fingernails are trimmed properly, his hands are clean, and that he goes slow with you.

Your genitals are a sensitive area, you don't want an inexperienced person touching you there do you? If so then look up some fingering methods that are commonly used, be warned though some of the methods may or may not have an effect on your body so don't be entirely dependent on them. Its basically to get an idea of what to do so he isn't completely lost doing it :)

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sexyhustle what wrong with you?
Do it because youre going to enjoy it but not just because he wants to. And dodn't be self contious... he's a boy.. theyre easily pleased!

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NO NO NO NO!!! it doesnt matter what he thinks! think for yourself, for your future! its best to stay untouched! the best girl there is to a guy is a untouched girl, BUT it dont matter what guys want! Dont give yourself to a guy. sex only = pregnacy or stds, BOTH ARE BAD! its better to adopt kids. keep yourself pure, DONT DO IT. you can never take it back. its not about regreting it, but its about your future, about being the best you can be for yourself and to help others with there needs. to be a good person and love yourself. sex is bad, its better to adopt. be good. dont do things your unsure about just for attenion! dont have sex!

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if you feel fine with this I think you should go ahead with it, blondeybaby your right you can fall in love at any age.. am sure your body is just fine, am 15 and my boyfriend asks me if he can finger me and I always say ee now its gross. but really deep down I want him to I just feel ashamed with my body. and yes I love him and he loves me but deep down if you want to I think you shud give it a shot, he obvs doesnt find anything rong with your body if he asked you :) x

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im 13 and my boyfriend is 14 he just fingered me for the first time and it was amazing dont worry about what he will think of you as long as he loves you he wont care feels so good to be fingered I first thought about changing my mind and not let him do it but so happy that I let him after he first did it he didnt wanna take his fingers out of my pants trust me you will like it

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That isn't love;it's attraction. It doesn't mean he loves you. He simply wants pleasure in you. Take a stand and respect yourself. If you do love each other, spend time with each other talking and spending time together doing things kids your age should do.

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My boyfriend asked me and I said no I was 14 :S But he respected my desicion and we had agreat nght in :) If you feel ready go for it.I'm worried too about my body and that stuff :L x

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well I was the same, I hated my body that much I actually stopped eating and everything, but now im not bothered about it tbh, they either like it or lump it that's what I say, but tbh im sure theres nothing wrong with your body :).
hope I helped :)
and btw..

you can fall in love at any age! it doesn't matter how old you are.

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he does not love you hes only 15 you don't even know what love is.

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well you shud only let him if you are both completty sure and confident and dont worry because if he luvs you then he wont be bothered bout your body he will just luv you for who you aree xx :):):)

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yes I agree with blondeybaby...I do know what love is and you can fall in love at any age

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umm yeah of course you should.

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