Should i let my boyfriend finger me when were at the movies?

[ok so my boyfriend and I have been going out for a while and touching and things but we haven't ever messed around underneath my underwear because I've never been ready. im not sure if im ready now or not [he said he wants to at the movies today] because I mean I kinda want him to but im worried if ill gross him out if I get "wet" or something. I just dont know...please help

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trust me your vagina is naturally moist and if he fingers you youll most definitely get wet I really wouldnt suggest letting him finger you at the movies do that some place private

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um im pretty sure they like it when girls get makes them feel good.and go for it if you want, its dark anyways

Should I let my boyfriend finger me?
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if its your first time dont do it at the movies or anywhere public. because even though it shouldnt hurt you can get carried away and start moaning. or he could end up popping your cherry with his fingures at the moviess which wouldnt be good.cause you could bleed quite a bit or just a little bit

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the point of to get you wet. But I wouldnt exactly do it at the movies...that is in public..

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I'm sure he expects you to get wet. If you feel like you are ready, just relax and enjoy it. But if you are unsure, then just wait. There is no need to rush into anything like that. Be prepared that you might not like it at first. When my husband first started going under my underwear when we were dating, it took me quite a while to get used to it. If you get too uncomfortable, just ask him to stop. If that hurts his feelings then he is just after sex and doesn't really care about you. Sorry to put it like that but that is as simple as I can put it...

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um well its not really a private place. maybe try his car?

What...should I let my boyfriend finger me?
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nooooooooooooo :)

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