Should i let my boyfriend finger me?

I am 14 and my boyfriend. said he wants to finger me. What is it? and what should I do?

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Im 14 and my boyfriend has fingered me SOO many times! It feels sooo good and he could even make you have an orgasm with out having sex if it gets that intense.:D but if you aren't ready then talk to him about it and tell him to wait a while. My friends and I have all been fingered my our boyfriends and we all love it! but like someone else said, if it's your first time then don't let him use more than one finger:D hopee this helps!!

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Just because HE wants to, doesnt mean you have to agree to let him! That is YOUR decision. If you dont know what it is, or you really arent ready, then DONT! You dont need to let him do anything that you dont want him to do!

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so what is fingering exactly?

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Yuu shouldn't worry about. It doesn't really hurt at all!! yuu should know what fingering is, but if yuu aren't ready for it, don't do it.

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im 13 and my boyfriend has wanted to for a reallie long time but I always said no because I thought it would be weird but then when we would make out I would get really into it and I would want him too so now I told him the next time we hang out alone he can..but yeahhh wait until your ready

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It's when he puts his fingers in your vagina. You don't need to do anything really.

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I'm 17, dating a guy for a year and a half. HE respects me, unlike my past boyfriend of 2 years. I WAS in your shoes, I was innocent, and I wish I had never done the things with him. For God's sake, WAIT until you're older. You don't know what you're giving up until you can't give it back.

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its very fun for us gurls you just need to let it happend when he trys to fingher u it will all come out to be veryyy goood and theirs nothing bad that could happen and be care full he may want you to geve hem head after

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ok I was going through the exact same situation where you KNOW what is it but you are not SURE... fingering is when a person inserts one or more fingers inside your vagina... this doesnt hurt at all, and if you are relaxed you enjoy it, you said you are 14 and your bf wants to do it to you... well if you are comfortable with it GO AHEAD! now you know what it means and how to do it... but if you feel you are not ready, talk to him and make him understand that you are not ready yet... if he LOVES you and RESPECTS you, he wont make you do it:]

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im 14,and my boyfriend does it to me.But if you dont know what it is you obviously arent ready for it...if you believe he loves you and YOU want him to do it,go for it!it actually feels great!and you cant get pregnant=)I hope this helps

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well im 15 and my boyefriend fingers me all the time and it feels great!!! but I mean if your not ready then your not ready so just tell him your not ready and if he loves you he will totally understand:)hope this helped

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omg ... I'm 18 and I have never been fingered and my boyfriend want to do it to me now but I told him I wanna wait and we've been dating for 7mths ... girls wait like me ... there is no rush and your just 14, when I was 14 I had a boyfriend too but all we been was kiss and go to the movies or do fun stuff together ... PLZZ JUST WAIT ... TELL HIM you WANT TO WAIT THERE IS NO RUSH =) plus your only 14

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you people who are 12 and 13 and 14 are extremely retarded for doing that that young. Just wait. Rumors can be made if you ever go thru a bad break up then you might regret it. Plus if you don't even know what it is, dont do it. wait its probably best. If you allow that he'll probably expect you to sleep with him and then you CAN get pregnant. My cousin has unfortunately made that mistake and got pregnant at --->14!<--- Please please please dont allow it. you might end up regretting it tremendously.

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let him do it!

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Hell yeah! It feels amazing and its a fun alternative if he wnats to get you to cum but you dont wanna go all the way. And I'm sorry, but if your 14 you really should've known what fingering was by now and your probably not ready for it. Have any of your friends been fingered? If they have maybe you could ask them about it. And it doesn't hurt, but since your new to it you probably shouldn't let him use more than two fingers.
Hope this helped!

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ok im 15 & my boyfriend has fingered me a couple of times. we have been dating for 8 months. it doesnt hurt and he will love it, trust me. just the way you act when he does it will let you know that he liked it. BUT you DONT HAVE 2 DO IT UNTIL your READY!!! if he really loves you he will wait for u, but you have to b able to tlk bout that kinda stuff or he will never know (talking bout this stuff will make both of you a lot more confident)

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I just got fingered for the first time on Friday and im 14 too, dont worry, it hurt a little but dont think about it. just enjoy it

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Nobody in this chain of responses has mentioned the most important thing -- be sure you are wet before he tries to insert a (yes, one!) finger. That means lots of kissing and foreplay -- e.g., he should rub your vagina through your panties until he feels moisture seeping out. If you are not wet, it will hurt. If you are....well, the girls tell me it feels wonderful!

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