What should I get used 360 or new?

Ok so im getting a xbox 360 pro and for a new one its $300 for a used one with 2 controllers instead of one and its onlly $200 and a guarantee its gonna work so which one should I get?

Answer #1

I’d go with a new system. Although the used one would work fine, you do have to remember that should it actually break, there isn’t really any warranty on it (unless you work something out?). So if it does break, then you’re pretty much out of $200 and will have to spend another few $100 to replace it.

In the short run, used is fine. In the long run, you get what you pay for. (:

Answer #2

I would buy a new one if your getting the regular or arcade version, but the elite version is good to be bought used

Answer #3

you want to go with one that has a 12.1 AMP power supply. These, specifically, are used with 360’s that have the Jasper Motherboard. This later generation board has been make differently to keep temparatures low and avoid the notorious red ring of death. Another way to spot one, is to find one that has the 256mb or less commonly 512mb of on board memory. If you can find one of these used, with the tamper seal intact, it will no doubt be your best bet. Anything else you get second hand, just won’t last most of the time.

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