What should I get my him for our year and a half anniversary?

Me and my boyfriend will be having our anniversary of a year and a half in April! April the 10th! :) Yikes! ;) he is 17, and I am 14. We have been together, happily, for quite a while. But, I always have this problem, I don’t know what to get him! I don’t want to get him something that ANYONE can get or anything, I want it to be Super-oober specail. :) the thing is, I don’t know what to do. I’ve made him a scrapbook before, and he liked it. But, im not making another onee. :) what should I do? I have a pretty good amount of Cash, I just need help to get him something! Please give me your ideas! :)

Answer #1

thats a pretty good idea, thanks! :D but, I still would like some more! please send this question to as many people as you can ! :D helpp!

Answer #2

Happy Anniversary ;)

Maybe you could go out to dinner with him at some fancy place. Or you could go to some place like Things Remembered and buy something to get personalized.

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