What should I get my boyfriend for our one year anniversary?

Well coming up in 22 days me and my boyfriend will have been together for a year. So I need an idea of what do get him for a gift. So if you have any ideas let me know please.

Answer #1

what’s your budget? you can get him anything from a box of crackerjacks to a car…and it probably wouldn’t make a difference. the important part is that you’re giving it to him. let’s focus first on how much you want to spend on him though.

Answer #2

you should get him a ring (NOT A WEDDING RING) getting a him a ring would be sweet and romantic =D

Answer #3

guys don’t really wear rings though. I don’t know your boyfriend, so maybe he does, but I would say that as a general rule, I guy gets a ring and goes, “aw crap. now I’ve got to wear this ring so she’ll think I like it.” -and it’s not even that the guy doesn’t like it! as I said before, we’re happy to get anything from our girlfriends, as it shows your love. but we know if we don’t wear it you’ll think we DON’T like it, so now we’re stuck. take him to dinner and a movie. he’ll probably love it, especially if he’s the one that normally pays. “wanted” comes out 6/27, “hancock” opens 7/2. he’ll love either of them. best of luck, go live the dream.

Answer #4

My anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up as well…What I did was (since the tradition is paper) make him a little heart shaped booklet with 12 love quotes dedicated to him then 12 things I love about him. (one for each month) I also wrote a long heartfelt letter about how I feel about him then I printed out a picture of both of us and put it in a frame for him.

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