What should I get a Jeep or a lifted truck?

Okay, so I don’t know what kinda car I should get. A like 2003 Jeep Liberty or some kind of lifted truck? What would yall get?

Answer #1

Personally if the lifted truck is a Jeep, I’d go for that. But if not I’d go for the liberty. Anything that has Jeep written on it is a sure way to go in my opinion, but of you want to get a sick Jeep more for offroad, I would deffinatly recomend a wrangler or a cherokee, or one of the older Jeep Grand Cherokees. Good luck. =)

Answer #2

What do you plan on doing with it? Sounds like mudding. Jeeps are tippy at times. Lil better on gas milage

I come from a small town. So big lifted truck is always a win.

Answer #3

you need a truck license to drive a truck so unless you have that or plan to go for it go with the jeep if it was your firts car though I wouldnt recomend something big like a jeep to start off with

Answer #4

jeep (:

Answer #5

Truck. Nissan Titan or a Toyota

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