How to get into my truck locked my keys inside?

How to get into my 1987 mitsubisie mightymax truck locked my keys inside?

Answer #1

Don’t call a locksmith, they’re VERY expensive. Call a wrecker…they have the exact tool to get inside, for far less money. (Here, a locksmith is $200…and you might have to wait for a day or so…a wrecker is $50, and on duty 24 hours everyday).


Answer #2

women! lol jk jk

personally id try and pick the lock myself… breakdown companys can also help you open the door

Answer #3

Call a locksmith. you might also call your local taxicab company and see if any of their drivers provide “slim jim” services (for a fee, but usually cheaper than a locksmigh). another possibility is calling a local tow-truck service and see if they provide “slim jim” services.

Answer #4

Call a locksmith.

Answer #5

AAA will help you (if you or someone you know has a membership)

Answer #6

either use the wire hanger or call someone.thats all I know of

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