What should I eat for lunch?

I’m hungry so I’munna make lunch but I want something new, what’s something yummy and not to hard to make?

Answer #1

Maybe you could make yourself a sandwich or, cook something that you might like such as Pork Chops or pot roast. Or, if you want something more simpler, order yourself a pizza.

Answer #2

I love to find random things in the cupboard and mix them together and make a weird sauce and then dip something in it like bread or biscuits. I also like putting tuna on water crackers and mixing it with olive oil and lemon juice and a little bit of mayonnaise for the thickening. :)

Answer #3

Oh, OH, pick me I know! LOL joke, but make a bowl of nachos or a shich kabbob stick! LOL GO fruit!

Answer #4

I just had Ramens

Answer #5

I love making sandwiches and putting chips on it. Its really good, its the only way I eat sandwiches now. haha :)

Answer #6

the souls of small children. or ramen, thats what I had.

Answer #7

I don’t NEED people to tell me what to eat, I was just looking for some ideas because I’m not feeling very imaginative right now.

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