What should I do to improve at soccer

I was thinking about doing a sport…and I might do soccer Do anybody know what I could do to get better at soccer? What kind of excercises or anything like that?

Answer #1

Lots of running. I suggest running about three miles everyday. More if you have the time! Strengthen your legs and abdominals as much as you can. Good luck! Peace :)

Answer #2

running is definitely necessary. even as a goalie. I played soccer for years… especially in high school, the coaches make you run a ridiculous amount. also practice with a soccer ball to better yourself with tricks and foot work. :]

Answer #3

it depends on what position you want to play but I play right now in high school and running is the key thing I suggested running hills and strenghhen your legs and if your planing on playing goalie I play that position you need to strengthen your arms

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