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What should I do, this is important ?

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This is important, to me.. Me and my mom dont get along... We fight just to much... She doesnt do anything like drugs or alcahol. And I know I should be greatful that I have someone like her

But I cant be... Everything I do is wrong... And no matter how hard I try... I cant do anything right. Im doing terrible in school, which is not good... She doesnt abuse me. But it just strikes more wood to the fire.

I cant help but wish that I was different... In the sence that I wish I could change the fact that me and my mom dont get along, she doesnt realize that im not perfect. That I wont ever be perfect. And all I really want is someone to say your gonna be okay, its going to be okay

The real question I have is though.if you have things going on with your parents... Leave it, in your answer... Just to give me perspective... Thank you